Parent Involvement

Communication is a vital key to a good working partnership at Special Moments Childcare Centre. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to speak to any staff regarding any concerns about their children. Serious concerns must be addressed to the staff in private. It is discouraged to speak to children and their parents directly about complaints or anything of a serious matter. A regular newsletter is handed out to parents/guardians outlining on-going and future activities and other related information about Special Moments Childcare Centre. Any reminder is posted at the Parent Bulletin Board at the entrance of the Centre.

Annual parent/teacher interviews for all children will be scheduled at the end of the school year. Daily logs (meals, nap/quiet time, toilet) are available to provide information about the children’s day-to-day routine.

In cases when sole and joint custody of a child at Special Moments Childcare Centre occurs, please provide the Centre in writing of any custodial arrangements. The Centre must be informed of any changes in such arrangements. Any unauthorized person visiting or picking up a child without notice, Special Moments Childcare Centre will immediately call the custodial parent/guardian and/or the police.

Family privacy is very important at Special Moments Childcare Centre. Staff, volunteers and students sign a non-disclosure form that includes provisions for legal and ethical handling of information at Special Moments Childcare Centre.


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