Admission and Withdrawal

At Special Moments Childcare Centre, admission comes on a first come, first served basis. Priority acceptance of your child is as follows:

  • He/She is a sibling of children enrolled at Special Moments Childcare Centre.
  • Children on the wait list
  • Children who attend Davisville Public School
  • Children who attend John Fisher Public School

To register at Special Moments Childcare Centre, applicants must complete the following information.

  • Application and Emergency Info Form
  • Immunization Record – Obtained from your family doctor or medical/health centre. If no immunization record is available for reason of conscience or religion, a sworn affidavit from the Ministry of Health must accompany the child’s application.
  • Allergy and medical information (if applicable)

If you wish to withdraw your children, you must give one month’s (4 weeks) notice in writing to the Director. If you withdraw your children from the program and wish to return, a space is not guaranteed. Your name will be placed in a priority sequence in the waiting list. If you wish to go for a vacation for a period of time without payment, your admission will be automatically withdrawn.


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